Also, here they can add their account details like subject, age, and more. As you can see, this market is extremely promising, and every year the market will reach new heights and it’s about time to break into it with your own custom solution. As for the use of artificial intelligence, there are AI chatbots ready to assist. AI mentors are always at hand and let you explore an incomprehensible topic at any time.

build an educational app

And that solution and tools can be developed and built partnering with a custom educational app development company. This app enhances the logical learning skills of its users by using various pictorial representations such as bar charts and graphics. This method increases the ability of learners to think critically, faster, and concentrate more. Brain testing apps are suitable for students that love mnemonics and want to improve their attention span.

Create An Education App With Andromo

Nandbox’s service leverages existing cloud infrastructure and off-the-shelf databases, additionally, nandbox guarantees an innovative, flexible, and compact distribution. Hence, your app built with nandbox will run on a five-nines availability system – which means an uptime of 99.999%. We’ve singled out three educational projects that have already reached success. Get tech consultation and a custom project estimate from our team.

build an educational app

At present, Google’s Android has the greatest number of users – around 2 billion. You can also refer to the following advanced features of an education application that we have shared. We have curated this list keeping all the latest education trends in mind. However, there is one more thing that you need to do and that is the SWOT analysis for your own app idea to ensure your education mobile app sustains in the market. A pool of interactive features is here to cater to create any educational app.

Categories of educational apps

Once you have formulated the final idea, it’s time to entrust it to your team of professionals, who will design, develop, deploy, and support your app. The first step would be to create a prototype and then a minimum viable product to ensure that your idea will work. After the UI/UX requirements and technical specifications are finalized, the e-learning app development starts. Throughout the development process, your app should be continuously tested by QA specialists to ensure that there are no bugs. It can be deployed to the store only after the application is perfect.

  • It also allows students to know their teachers before allowing them to solve a problem.
  • Create an education app to manage your classroom with Jotform’s no-code app builder.
  • With the increasing complexity of web and mobile applications, more organizations are turning to Node.js developers to develop, deploy, and maintain applications….
  • If you hire an external development team, it will depend on the agreement you reach with them.
  • We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.

There are various ways to monetize an app and earn a passive amount out of it. However, we will discuss the top 3 monetization ways that generally e-learning startups or entrepreneurs use. Now, let’s discuss the top 3 monetization methods that you can use in your app to generate revenue, even if you choose to keep your app for free to use. Top education app, Duolingo, has received total funding of $183.3 million from more than 12 investors. Not to mention the monumental sum of money that you will end up paying.

Knowledge testing

The advent of lockdown and the subsequent suspension of classroom activities has witnessed a spike in the number and use of educational mobile apps. Therefore, creating an app for school’s purposes became a necessary aspect of the modern education and tutoring process. Ultimately, based on the aforementioned considerations, the education app development cost might range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Examine the company’s past work in its portfolio to judge its qualifications, standard, and creativity. Examine the functionality, user interface, and overall design of any past examples of educational apps that they have created.

build an educational app

It’s an excellent opportunity for companies looking to promote their brand. You can advertise their brand in your app while also benefiting from a consistent cash flow. However, it’s critical to ensure that similar ads don’t flash before the users’ eyes. Otherwise, it may divert their focus from the content, making them stop using the app before they begin.

Real-time learning

They can also discuss the items discussed during activities and workshops and learn from their peers and mentors. This allows them to engage more with the learning materials and expand on the knowledge they currently have. If you want to keep up with your competitors and increase organizational growth year-by-year, here are some fun free applications you can check out. When it comes to paying online, you have to keep in mind with security. Moreover, you should provide users a convenient payment method via credit cards, PayPal, Braintree, etc.

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Today, such solutions became more than actual, even in spite of the fact that they are not something new and unexplored. They will guide you through the entire process and make the app development journey smoother for you. When compared to other commonly used technologies, it is quicker, more easily reusable, and customizable. React and React Native enables the creation of cross-platform apps from a single codebase.

Popular Educational Apps

Since the COVID-19 is spreading across the globe exponentially, the edtech industry received an opportunity to prove its worth. In general, many schools and colleges are trying to shift to online learning systems to ensure that the study is not affected. The steps are essential if you wonder how to make an educational app for android. Have a draft of your project idea, including all the features and technical aspects required for the application. Find out which audience your concept can help and how it solves their needs. Knowing your intending students’ age, gender, location, proficiency, and learning motives is advisable.

Google Earth, National Geographic, and World Atlas are a few of the most well-known social studies applications. The time it takes to build an educational app depends on the complexity of the app and the development team’s size and experience. Generally, simple educational apps can take between 2-4 months to build, while more complex apps can take up to a year or more. The technologies you choose to utilize have an overbearing effect on the cost of education app development cost.

Design for equality

See all the changes you are making to your app in real time before you publish. Outsource App Development Everything about outsourcing your development project. App Launch Kit Proceed with confidence with a resilient app strategy. Concierge Service Strategies and growth tactics to ensure your app is successful.

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