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You might think of a CPA as an industry-experienced business advisor. They’re knowledgeable in the practices and requirements that make construction businesses profitable and healthy. That includes those everyday improvements that can make the difference for a company.

How do you do construction accounting?

  1. Separate Personal and Business Expenses.
  2. Break Down Project Costs—Job Costing.
  3. Record Day-to-Day Financial Transactions.
  4. Select Revenue Recognition Methods.
  5. Track Business Expenses.
  6. Reconcile Bank and Supplier Statements.
  7. Pay Estimated Taxes.

Because I’d really appreciate you sharing this case study with your home-builder and construction industry colleagues, family and friends. You could stick with your current accountant, and potentially give $1Ms more to the IRS and lose even more in profits. At this point, we requested the prior two years of tax returns and access to his books, so that we could evaluate what exactly needed to be done for us to help One Creation Construction. Unfortunately, Jim’s accountant became more focused on his own retirement than on helping Jim. Despite being very loyal, Jim had grown frustrated and the time to make a change was now. Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to.

Partner with Porte Brown for Contractor Accounting Services

Sync payroll with your construction accounting software, so you can auto-pay contractors and employees. He proudly comes from a 4th generation American family of home-builders and accountants. We assist in a wide range of tax services including tax compliance, tax planning, and representation relating to their business interests, investments and other financial-related assets.

What is the difference between construction accounting and accounting?

In construction accounting, it's not so simple. Each job incurs both direct and indirect job costs that fall into a variety of categories. Expenses/overheads: In regular accounting, the distinction between cost of goods sold and overheads is very clear, but this is not the case in construction.

They’ve allowed me the ability to focus on managed, steady growth and concentrate on the business of making money.” And while we discussed state income tax in a previous article, you should also remember local income taxes. These are sometimes assessed in large urban areas (think New York City, San Francisco, etc.).

CPA Accounting Services

As an employer, you’re responsible for half of the FICA tax amounts for each employee. These taxes are listed on an employee’s pay stub, with the first two shown as FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). Stay informed on the latest industry trends and how your business can remain competitive with our guides, articles, webcasts, and more. As business owners look toward retirement, transferring the business to the next generation of family or leadership can be a complex process—one that should start years before a target retirement date. It’s crucial to stop cyberthreats before they happen, or at the least, mitigate the turmoil they can unleash.

Our team applies Six Sigma principles to analyze your processes and develop sustainable solutions that work for you. Our HR Solutions team brings decades of combined experience to your company so that you can find the right help for your jobs. We can also show you how to stay in compliance with ever-changing employment regulations and safety requirements in order to protect your company from costly lawsuits and state and federal penalties. For example, a CPA that doesn’t fully understand the nuances of material price trends and the allocation of overhead will make mistakes that, over time, can cripple even the biggest construction companies.

IRS Warns About Summer Tax Scams

If you build on a weak foundation, your future plans may come crumbling down. Finally, the collection, remittance and reporting of state and local-level taxes depend on the governments that levy the taxes. There are several other types of non-federal payroll taxes out there. These can cover programs like short- and long-term disability, workers’ compensation, paid medical or family leave and more. That’s right—payroll taxes aren’t solely the federal government’s domain.

Like many aspects of construction itself, precision and expertise are essential when it comes to budgeting and accounting. Building something that lasts feels great, whether it’s a large construction project or a successful business. Struggling to get timely financial statements so you can increase bonding? Come to think of it, neither does wrestling with wage and hours issues, or wishing you had better tools to interpret your WIP and real-time project profitability.

Industry Leaders

Experience the difference with working with a San Diego CPA who knows the ins and outs of the residential and commercial construction industry. As a proud construction accounting Chicago firm that has been in business for over 75 years, Porte Brown knows the unique accounting needs of construction firms and can address them effectively. We partner with Avantax Financial Services, a national wealth management company that works with a wide range of clients. Together, we provide the experience, knowledge and connections you need to make sense of the details and achieve your dreams. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we keep up with the latest developments and technologies to make sure our clients’ networks remain up to date and secure. With the growth in new construction, many construction companies face an increasing need for qualified workers—from general laborers to plumbers, masons, electricians and other skilled tradespeople.

In addition to our construction accounting services, we can develop a tax planning strategy that will keep more of your profits in your pocket. Thomas Huckabee, CPA, has worked with several types of construction companies in San Diego, and stays current with all the rapid fire changes that happen in construction accounting procedures. Our business advisory experience can help your business with controlling and estimating job costs, increasing cash flow, evaluating the profitability of projects or minimizing tax obligations. We also can set up and advise on which accounting and bookkeeping software technologies are best suited for your company’s needs in order to streamline efficiencies and operations.

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