This is because code that isn’t needed was taken out, which doesn’t always happen when using the earlier version. This workflow ensures that user requests are processed, data is fetched and manipulated, and responses are generated to provide dynamic and interactive web applications. The great difference that ASP.NET Core brings to reduce processing and drastically increase performance is the fact that it was architected in a modular way using minimal overhead.

In addition to performing complex tasks with high performance, it brought an open-source, cross-platform web framework. ASP.NET Core has several versions that can run side by side without compromising each other, so legacy applications can evolve as needed, without impacting what is already consolidated. The investment will be well worth it, in the long run, giving you a competitive advantage.

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While ASP.NET is still supported and updated by Microsoft, most of their focus going forward will be to develop the new .NET Core platform. We see that you have already chosen to receive marketing materials from us. Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core also comes with a variety of professionally designed built-in and customizable themes, as well as Telerik Sass ThemeBuilder,
which offers an exceptional UI. It also has a huge documentation, which is constantly updated, and has several guides and tutorials aimed at beginner developers. In this first article of the series “ASP.NET Core Basics,” we will have an overview of ASP.NET Core covering the main topics of one of the most famous Microsoft technologies. A world of possibilities—ASP.NET Core is one of the many features that make up .NET. is used for

EF allows developers to work with databases using object-oriented programming concepts, making it easier to create, read, update, and delete data. It supports various database providers, including SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. In addition, coding with ASP.NET allows them to control state management, which tends to be a nightmare to code. The performance of the application can be significantly improved if pages which are often requested by users – get cached and stored in a temporary location.


What type of database to use is an important decision when developing a web application. ASP.NET applications can use all of the popular databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, MongoDB and CouchDB. While Microsoft SQL Server can require expensive software licenses for complex deployments, the free Express version is suitable for the vast majority of websites. is used for

With an interpreted language, this problem wouldn’t be found until the code was run and checked, which would take a lot longer. It takes a lot of time to test every possible scenario by hand in a big application. When code is updated, it also takes a lot of work to build and keep up extra code that tests for every possible situation. The previous name of latest version of the ASP.NET web framework is ASP.NET Core.

Plugin Architecture in ASP.NET Core — How To Master It

It is an extension of the .NET platform with additional tools and libraries specifically for building things on the web, including web apps and websites. When it comes to building dynamic websites, dynamic web pages, web applications, and web services, millions of developers worldwide are turning to ASP.NET for its versatility. ASP.NET supports multiple programming languages, including C#, Visual Basic, and F#, giving developers the flexibility to choose the language they are most comfortable with. This versatility allows teams to leverage existing skills and code libraries. ASP.NET Core is the latest version of ASP.NET, designed to be cross-platform and open-source. It provides a unified framework for building web applications and APIs.

  • Compiled code is usually faster and more scalable than interpreted code, and can do anything interpreted code can do.
  • All in all, if you’re looking for a web framework that’s one step above standard ASP.NET, then using ASP.NET Core is the next logical option.
  • One of the key features of ASP.NET is its ability to leverage the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which is the execution environment provided by the .NET framework.
  • They currently employ over 30 highly skilled .NET developers who are able to take your idea and quickly bring it to life in the real world precisely as you’ve envisioned.
  • The framework started from the ground up to work with the HTTP protocol, which is what every online application uses.

ASP.NET has been around for many years and has a mature and stable framework. It has a large community of developers and extensive documentation, which makes it easier to find support, resources, and solutions to common problems. ASP.NET is designed to handle large-scale applications and can efficiently manage heavy traffic and high loads. It provides features like caching, session management, and state management, which help optimize application performance and scalability.

The ASP.NET SOAP extension framework allows ASP.NET components to process SOAP messages. As a web and app development company,Share IT is responsible for creating code that “tells” websites and application how to operate. In our company, we usually build apps, services, and websites from the ground up, which means that we pay extra attention to how our products are going to communicate with the end-users.

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Additionally, there is a vast ecosystem of libraries, tools, and community support available for ASP.NET development. ASP.NET Web API allows developers to build RESTful services that can be consumed by various clients, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop applications. It simplifies the creation of HTTP services by leveraging the features of ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC is a lightweight framework that emphasizes separation of concerns and provides more control over the generated HTML.

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