LenderKit integrates with FundAmerica to enable automated money processing on your crowdfunding platform in the US market. FundAmerica provides an escrow account for crowdfunding platforms, while PrimeTrust offers “intermediary” wallets for investors, fundraisers and the platform. As one of the leading payment services for crowdfunding, the company harnesses thepower of AIto define the filters and the blocking thresholds in line with crowdfunding business.

whitelabel payment gateway

The business world is changing at a blistering pace, offering new approaches and market opportunities. With custom payment gateways, it’s quite hard to keep up with all these changes, including things like the white label payment gateway integration of new wallets, apple pay, and connectors to 3rd-party platforms. On the contrary, a white-label payment solution is updated according to the latest trends to provide better service to clients.

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API – Both companies again through the competition between them, offer a clean, well documented and straightforward to use payment processing methods from start to finish. Their mission to increase the Gross Domestic Product of the Internet says everything about them. Cardstream is a fully customisable and white-label payment gateway provider, enabling you to make branded payment gateway screens and receipts.

Apart from these features, PayStack crowdfunding payment gateway also offers an API which you can use to build your custom financial powerhouse. It easily integrates into your crowdfunding platform and allows any user holding a bank account to invest money in your offerings. Our Cloud-Native culture helps us in making sure that you don’t pay any running cost when there is no transaction happening on your account fleets. Because as you, we strive to offer the best cost effective service to our customers.


It works with direct lenders, investment managers and fintech firms, offering them the technology for investor onboarding, faster payments, white-label ISA and SIPP accounts. Payment gateway with customised branding on hosted payment pages and a market-leading reporting tool (the Acquired.com Hub). Based on their experiences in the finance and payment industries, NBK founders identified all the challenges that most fintech companies face.

But sadly it is not due to many artificial barriers that surround the movement of currency online. We want innovation, we want to trade globally, and Stripe allows all that and more. Transaction & Service Fees – Currently, Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30p per successful charge, as long as you are trading below $1 million in volume Annually. The market is moving quickly, with astronomical growth post-COVID.

Stripe fees and costs explained

The payment gateway then verifies if the charge on the customer’s card has been approved by their bank and then submits the charge for settlement. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best payment gateways for businesses in 2022. The Card Machines for payment processing that we offer at 5Tel come in a range of different models, you can choose the one most suited to your business. We also have many types of telecommunication bundles that suit your business style and needs perfectly. EComCharge, the developer of a white label payments gateway, has released BIN-routing, which is part of a large Smart-routing development project for the tenants of the platform. The cheapest provider, offering exceptional value for money, is Stripe.

  • SolutionsEquity crowdfunding Start an equity crowdfunding platform to bring startups and investors together.
  • SME lending Get started with a highly scalable P2P lending platform.
  • With business overheads creating such pressure at the moment, it’s vital you choose a service whose fee structure suits the needs of your business.
  • If you try to improve your reputation and increase the number of customers, you can arrange a regular third-party gateway.

It also transfers payments into your account instantly, which is a big bonus if you need to deliver a time-sensitive product. PayPal announced its Instant Transfer feature in 2019 as an expansion of the current payout features. Our testers were able to transfer money between the designated PayPal wallet and their bank account, or debit card, within 30 minutes.

Why is stripe a good eCommerce payment provider?

A cryptocurrency payment gateway must be kept up to date with regulatory compliance and much more. White Label Payment Gateway Solutions provide you with a polished, ready-made product for your brand that is ready to accept payments from your clients. https://xcritical.com/ Crypto payment gateways such as COINQVEST provide KYC/AML verification, as well as proper tax and regulatory steps to keep your business compliant. Developing your own payment gateway would necessitate both significant capital and time investment.

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